HomeBod FAQs

  • What is a HomeBod?

    Our HomeBod professionals are your local resource to get tasks and errands ticked off during the work week.

  • What does that mean for me as a HomeBod customer?

    You’ll have a single HomeBod assigned to you, the same person each time so they can assist you with getting tasks or errands done around the house during the week.

  • Do I have to give keys to my house to my HomeBod?

    You and your HomeBod work out whatever you are both comfortable with. There are many options from giving a set of keys to leaving house key’s in a coded locked key box on site.

  • What types of tasks and errands can HomeBod do for me?

    You can ask HomeBod to do many different things at the house like watering plants, feeding the cat, take delivery of a parcel or picking up your dry cleaning. HomeBod’s are not trained plumbers or handymen but they can help you find a good specialist and manage the project if required.

  • How does HomeBod do that?

    Your HomeBod is a local resource charged with helping with your household task. They have been carefully-vetted and have a clear Police Record. Each HomeBod is assigned a territory to service which means they are always close by to help with a job.

  • How does HomeBod work?

    It’s very simple to use HomeBod. Simply download the HomeBod app, insert your details, arrange for a service, and receive a confirmation from your HomeBod. Your HomeBod will only charge you once the job is complete.

  • What are the HomeBod hours of operation?

    HomeBods are available for scheduling between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • How do I pay for HomeBod services and how much does it cost?

    Most HomeBod services cost $27.50. If your request will take more time, your HomeBod will estimate the cost and ask if you agree to the new price. You simply enter a credit card when you log onto the app. Once the task is complete, HomeBod will charge your card.

  • Where is HomeBod located?

    The HomeBod Headquarters are in Camperdown, New South Wales in Australia. Today HomeBod serves the Camperdown community. Homebod will be expanding to other cities in the near future.

  • Could I become a HomeBod?

    We’d love to hear from you.
    Please email your interest and a resume or CV to: enquiries@homebod.com.au