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Our Story, This story may sound familiar.

My name is Tom Gilpin, Founder & CEO of HomeBod and I live in Sydney with my family. My wife and I both have careers and live in a busy household with 3 kids, a mortgage, school fees, a stopstart fitness program and very, very little spare time.

Talking to friends and neighbours I realised I wasn’t alone in being time poor: pets, travel, family, work, traffic, sport, health and well-being is a constant juggle for everyone.

The to-do list seems to continue to grow weekly and our stress levels are the highest on Saturday mornings when jobs around the house compete with sport, birthday parties, exhaustion, traffic and for us, it usually ends in a divide and conquer strategy to get everything done.

We loathe lining up at the hardware store, the post office or supermarket on a Saturday. The time taken just to get there and find a park is torture enough. We also dread the discussions around who is going to take time off work using precious annual leave just to wait for the Telstra technician (who has given a 6 hour window to show up at the house).

This led me to think: there must be an easier way to get things done. That is how the idea of HomeBod was born.

In 2016, Tom and family returned from a five year stint living in the United States. He then started to build a business that would allow households to connect to local, trusted HomeBods in their community to help them get more done and take the stress out of their weekend and family time.

2016 was spent designing the HomeBod app which will be the connection between busy households and their assigned local HomeBod. It launched in 2017 and Tom plans to grow the business to thousands of communities who all share the same common challenges at home.